Latter-Day Saints: Basic Beliefs

Latter-Day Saints, often referred to as Mormons, beliefs Center on Jesus Christ. We celebrate His matchless life and His infinite grace, and we invite all to come unto Him.

God Loves You.

As a unique child of God, you are loved immensely by your Heavenly Father. He is the Father of your spirit. All of humanity belongs to His family. As a loving parent, He knows you, is aware of your challenges, and wants you to have a strong relationship with Him.

Jesus Is Our Savior.

We all need help in life. We face trials, we have questions, and we make mistakes. This is why we need Jesus Christ. He is the Son of God and our loving Savior. His perfect example shows us the way to live. His teachings give us direction.

Life Has Purpose.

You were born for a reason. Life can be difficult sometimes, but we are here to find happiness and help others do the same. Your Heavenly Father knew that to learn and grow and become like Him, you’d need to come to earth, receive a physical body, and have an opportunity to make choices for yourself.