Dr. Tyler Griffin

Source Expert
Dr. Tyler Griffin initiated his professional path by instructing seminary courses for a duration of six years in Brigham City, Utah. Subsequently, he devoted the ensuing seven years to teaching at the Logan LDS Institute, situated adjacent to Utah State University. In addition to his involvement in the Seminary Preservice program, he took the lead and supervised the implementation of the online seminary program. Dr. Griffin has been an educator at BYU for well over a decade and holds a co-founder position within the BYU Virtual Scriptures Group. His undergraduate degree is in Electrical Engineering, while both his master's and doctorate degrees revolve around Instructional Technology. Dr. Griffin stands as the sole author of "When Heaven Appears Distant," co-author of "Come Unto Me: Illuminating the Savior's Life, Mission, Parables, and Miracles," and co-editor of "Millions Shall Rediscover Brother Joseph."

Areas of Expertise: Specialization in the domain of digital learning and the creation of resources that enhance scriptural immersion and understanding. Areas of Specialization: Expertise in the realm of digital learning and the development of resources that enrich scriptural immersion and comprehension.